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How Small Boat School works:

1: Easy-to-follow video lessons

Step-by-step video lessons that cover everything you need to know to build own your boat - in your own workshop and at your own pace.

2: Comprehensive personal support

As a novice boatbuilder, you are likely to run into problems along the way. Through personal consultation, I will guide you confidently through the challenges you will meet.

3: Frustration-free boatbuilding

Small Boat School is designed to be a fast track into the wonderful world of real wooden boatbuilding, without the head scratching and frustrations that usually haunt the first-time builder.

Online boatbuilding apprenticeship program:

Building the Fiddlehead Canoe

In this in-depth online program, you will first learn the basic skills required to build a small boat and then you will build your own lovely Fiddlehead canoe. 

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Who is Small Boat School for?

  • Anyone who feels a desire to work with their hands and create a boat¬†of classic, enduring beauty.
  • Anyone who is willing to take the time and effort to truly learn the craft of wooden boatbuilding¬†
  • Anyone who wants a¬†steep learning curve¬†without constant head scratching, doubt and frustrating¬†mistakes.
  • Anyone for whom a fun, satisfying¬†time in the workshop¬†is a top priority.
  • Anyone who likes to have access to friendly and competent support¬†throughout the process.¬†¬†
Is wooden boatbuilding for you? Take the free mini course to find out.

Your instructor - Mikkel Pagh:

Why I build wooden boats

In wooden boatbuilding, your body, your hands and your mind work in concert to create a beautiful vessel of enduring value and beauty. For me, learning boatbuilding has been a life changing experience.

Mikkel's approach to boatbuilding

Student testimonials


"Being an engineer, I'm fascinated by wooden boat construction. Building a wooden boat is not easy, but with Mikkel's friendly guidance, each step in the process became simple and fun and the boat turned out beautiful."


"I'm out of a seaman's family and boats and boatbuilding has always fascinated me. At Mikkel's course I got deep into the fundamental wooden boatbuilding techniques, which has given me a number of skills that I now use in all sorts of creative work."


"When I enrolled to Mikkel's course, I was a carpentry apprentice, somewhat disillusioned by the current state of craftsmanship. In Mikkel's class, I leaned that real hand tool work still makes sense, and now I work full time as a boatbuilder."


"Taking Mikkel's boatbuilding course was my way of strengthening my inner renaissance man. It was the rare luxury of diving deep into an entirely new, fascinating subject. If you're an office worker like me, don't worry - with Mikkel at your side, you can do it!"



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Is wooden boatbuilding for you?

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